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Chester Calhoun and Society Red deliver the laughs!

Let Dr. Dickem get his cold groping hands on you just once, says Jester "Chester" Calhoun, let that sexy, silky, soulful, bedside voice just brush your ear... and you're addicted. He's your friendly credit doctor, pusher, podiatrist, abortionist, plumber and sadist.

In a riotously funny series of zany and dirty  schizophrenic tales, Chester Calhoun, ventriloquist and many-voiced madman, turns us on, handles and fondles, caresses and cups us in a ticklish torture of laughter. Take your clothes off... plug it in.. lie down and listen.
Is it in?... now ... closer ... mmmm ... Do it, do it, do it, Doctor Dickemmmm, BABY!!!!

  1. Jet Black Funeral
  2. Ladies nudist colony
  3. Shell Fish Business
  4. Drawers
  5. Pays to Advertise
  6. Bullnuts
  7. Peepin
  8. Tennessee Waltz
  9. Dreamin'
  10. Operator
  11. Dr. Dickem
  12. 25 cigars
  13. Gentlemen
  14. Great Dividin'
  15. African Safari
  16. Bugaloo - Bugaloo
  17. Raise my hand
  18. Hurricane Betsy

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