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Norma Miller is wired! Her voice makes the snow melt on Mount Kilimanjaro in January. She's a three-time-loser on charges of noise pollution, indecent exposure and language. "All my life I was taught by Mama, that early to bed and early to rise would make a girl healthy, wealthy and wise. Well, that ain't done nothin' for me to but make me healthy, sexless and single!!! Just imagine a girl who is so funny that she makes you fergit to do it... or how to do it??? Things get a bit out of control when Norma gets loose.. like, at the session for the cover... the photographer threw that black cloth over his head... Norma threw that black cloth over her head.. the director threw the black cloth over his head... That there black cloth was really workin' and workin'  and well... we didn't get any pictures.....  but it was a hell of a shooting session. Norma is going to Vietnam to recuperate and entertain the boys. When she gets back, she's promised another recording and shooting session. The photographer is so excited he's still shootin'! That Norma Miller says and does the funniest, dirtiest things to a cat. Sexless, my foot!!

  1. Instinks
  2. $100.00
  3. Pig Feet
  4. Foul Mouth Freddie
  5. Sex Coffee
  6. Everybody's Got Niggers
  7. Jigro
  8. Chinese Niggers
  9. NAACP
  10. Operation Prostitute
  11. Menstrual Cycle
  12. Hair Soup
  13. Blow Job
  14. Here Tis
  15. F**k Im
  16. Black house
  17. Honey Wagon
  18. Spring Wagon
  19. God Help Him
  20. Rehearsal
  21. Peepin' Landlady
  22. Masturbation
  23. Rat
  24. F**kor-F**kee
  25. White Man Stew
  26. Good Thinking
  27. Casket
  28. Cannibals
  29. Peter Pan
  30. On Credit
  31. 2 or 3 Times

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