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Here us mere mortals stand wondering if black angels can have white wings while Skillet puts then on and flies hisself right up into that tree. Anything to help a friend. Down below, superhorny Leroy has a hot pants promotion cookin' with his sexy girlfriend Marie. She finds it hard to believe that what Leroy has for her is divine inspiration. The firm and hard resolve of that Goodly Soul Leroy, together with the help of a slippery tongue, quick wit and a kind of fallen angel in the tree slides us all in to the most hilarious, unholy, humorous happenings ever. Skillet & Leroy, the hottest, hairiest, funniest duo in the soul comedy world today have had hit after smash hit at the top of the record charts, four star ratings in Billboard and Record World.

Listen to the GOODLY SOUL as he pleads with his girlfriend... his voice, the voice of every man with a woman... for a piece of what he wants. And as every woman... ... she holds out that tempting morsel... offers it sweet or pickled... teases and tortures both of them with the tantalizing promise of its nearness and its warmth... The heat of sex, the riot of emotions, the laughter and pathos of everyman leaps and bounds in the frenzied fun of the scene. Wanting each other... wanting a reason bigger than herself.. she begs.. sighs and swoons, tears at her clothing... draws us to her... into her...  out and in again... to feel the raw emotion of wanting... needing... bursting finally into the fantastic release of humor and humanity that is the mark of Skillet and Leroy, Soul clowns and masters of comedy.

  1. Smart Pills
  2. Frisco Kate
  3. The Dream
  4. Intercourse
  5. Goodly Soul
  6. Nite Money
  7. Black Boy

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