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Tangerines are juicier in bed, the lady says. Wanna Piece? Right on, baby! Right on! First thing is a little bit of fancy peeling... you and me and the fruit... baby! Then you take a little piece... just a section at a time... don't be greedy at the start... beautiful ….. beeeeooooootiful! Oh, you do that good! Lookit that sucker pucker... wow! "Gonna love a frootful time with you, daddy... you really can turn a Tangerine on. Almost as good as Slappy White or that old lecherous Redd Foxx." Them two dug Tangerine so mucj they built her act... put her on TV... splashed her in front of  few million people. Up till then Tangerine was carnival, stripper, dancer.. anything stage and theatre. Then one night Slappy put a mike in front of her and the comedienne was born. Tangerine! Raucous and funny, biting and tart... wicked and sexy … peeling and appealing.. that's her!

Small and juicy, nicely rounded, delicious, a lovely warm color... a sharp, acid taste that excited and titillates the senses... made up of many firm, round, succulent parts.. you bit it... it bites you.. that's Tangerine! Taste a little bit at a time... section by section and part by part.. or just tke a good healthy bite and let the juices run sharp and sweet over your lips and tongue... down your throat.. trickle down your chin.. while the acid aroma catches your breath with excitement. Just a taste of Tangerine!

She always says it's better in bed. That sweet acid flavor... that petal pointed tongue... flashing teeth and eyes! Hot orange passion fruit... come and get it!!! Tangerine is gusty and gutsy and gut-warming... kicking your lust or life around and rolling you over and over.... coming up happy... loving... laughing... and alive. Peel the wrapper, take a Tangerine to bed tonight... turn it on, listen and laugh with LAFF Records.. while you savor a TASTE OF TANGERINE!

  1. Sections
  2. Iron and steal
  3. Black flag
  4. The Capital of Vietnam
  5. Land of the bush
  6. Cold balls
  7. Bull Daggers party
  8. Kate
  9. Dope Head Dan and Mary Cocaine Green
  10. Peanut Butter Legs
  11. I dont care
  12. Elephant lips
  13. Two bucks
  14. Mississippi River
  15. Whisper and Shout
  16. Toilet Seat
  17. Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo
  18. What's a lesbian
  19. Chittlins and Kidneys
  20. Ugly
  21. Four Inches
  22. Dance of the Freaks

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