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Pray to Booty Green and all your dreams will come true! He’s arrived bearing gifts of jokes and laughter just for you!  With questionable intentions and a wicked grin on his face…. He sure knows how to turn out a place! Booty Green will have you laughing so hard it should be a sin… and the laughs will come again and again!

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"This is the best in the Old School Comedy Classics party records reissue series so far. Though far more obscure than the other artists in the series, both of these acts truly capture the energy, historical weight and wildness of a live 70s black comedy show, documenting jokes and routines that harken bark to 19th Century minstrel stages and exploring freedoms to unleash profanity that were still fresh in the Me decade. Green's jokes are loud, bold, and ridiculous, utilizing stereotypes so broad and bizarre even he doesn't know what to make of them (his attempt to sound Chinese is genuinely confounding). He also does an epic toast called "Last of the Great Fucking Machines" that's worth the price of the album. Super highly recommended!" - Roctober

(Also available on CD with a bonus comedy album ‘Battle of the Sexes – Live’ by SONNY AND PEPPER giving you 75 minutes of laughter! SONNY & PEPPER - Battle of the Sexes, also available as a separate digital download)

Track Listing:

  1. Soul Brothers Restaurant
  2. Chinese Soul Sisters
  3. Pray To Budda
  4. The Baddest Mother in the House
  5. Talking Clothes
  6. The Nurse
  7. The Licker
  8. Last of the Great F—king Machines
  9. Goose and Chicken and Duck
  10. Tire Iron From Watts
  11. Truth About Sex
  12. Psychiatrist
  13. Restroom
  14. School Teacher
  15. No Ambition
  16. Cockeyed Mother
  17. So Gay
  18. The Horse
  19. Soul Sister

(Also available as a Download)

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