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Cast your eyes to the sky, raise your voices on high and ignore the hand in your pocket (or whatever)… Brother Eatmore done took to preachin' and meddlin'. When he talk about sin, debauchery, lechery and the evils of drink' when he holler about pollution, retribution and prostitooshun; when he scream and tear his hair about the evils of gamblin', free livin' and orgies... he KNOWS whereof he speaks!! He done tried everything at least once, and he believes in lifetime education. So , if you got somethin' he ain't tried, bring it 'round, honey. You gonna get a bounce, a set of swinging sermons, rapid-fire jokes, jive and sexy-sinful stories from far out of Sunday school by the Black Foxx, Cha-Cha Hogan. Raise up, Sex! Raise up, Booze! Raise up your hands and shout and laugh and bust your buckles! Shout "Halleluyah!" for Brother Eatmore and Sister Fullbosom.. sing out "Try a little" so's you'll know what good clean sin can DO for a body!! Turning his color while turning your pockets inside out, Brother Eatmore and Sister Fullbossom will turn you on to the charms and chuckles of Cha-Cha Hogan, the Black Foxx. Here! A record that's sure to convert you into a believer.. of LAFF RECORDS.

  1. Beat the Shit
  2. The Judge
  3. Drag My Balls
  4. Brother Eatmore
  5. Spit In
  6. In the Mud
  7. The Nun's Balls
  8. Waving Glag
  9. Miscarriage
  10. The Quarter
  11. Bettin-Sam
  12. Tees for Balls
  13. $450 Pussy
  14. Stone Cocksucker
  15. Gramma & Grampa
  16. Zenith
  17. M&M's
  18. Sex Headache
  19. Boys Town
  20. Co-Signer
  21. 4 Seasons
  22. Appreciation
  23. Good Mornin'
  24. Funeral Parlor
  25. Chinese Laundry
  26. Alam Rag
  27. Counterfeit $20 Bill
  28. Athletic Crotch
  29. Feelin' Cooler
  30. My Old Gal Sue
  31. Eight Fingered Peggy
  32. The Old Rev.
  33. Turn a Trick
  34. Hello Dolly
  35. Got the Clap
  36. Fartin
  37. Little Prick

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