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It's Super Spook! Faster than a organic erosion! More powerful than a climactic explosion. It's none other than DYNAMITE at his sexiest!

Explore with Super Spook the lengths and depths of historic laughter. Bask in the company of DYNAMITE MERCER, known as "Super Spook". Mic in hand, Dynamite romps from the "prophecies" of old to today's pimps, hustlers, prostitutes, players and gamblers, from summer breeze to cold icy seas, bringing insight - outasight...

This is a fun filled recording that confronts you with the challenge of understanding the comical side of "what's happening" in real life today.

Allow "Super Spook" to be your passport to hilarious adventure. The Red-Cloaked Hero strikes again and again with laugh after laugh. Lend an ear to the DYNAMITE explosion! Recorded live at The Imperial West in Los Angeles.


  1. Aries
  2. Old Reverend
  3. 100 Chickens
  4. Color Yall Suntan Lotion
  5. Politics
  6. Sticky, Slicky and tricky
  7. Marriage made in Watts
  8. Wino
  9. No good women
  10. The Bowel Movements
  11. The split that never heals
  12. House of Ill repute
  13. White Pigs
  14. Bitch named Betty
  15. Dolemite
  16. White girls
  17. Smoke that weed
  18. Hustlers and players ball
  19. Born to talk trash

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