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Treed by a mad pussy, Jimmy Thompson spent a hectic night out on a limb with a passionate sex-crazed broad. With the lion down below waitin' to chomp on him, and this sex-kitty in his braches pullin', scratchin', moanin' and climbin' his body.. what could a guy do? Man, if you think it's hard on the ground... it's harder in a tree! But baby, this chick, the harder it was the more she dug it! Seven times Jimmy was ready to go down to the Cat. But this here sex-kitty clamped on him so hard he turned blue! Never did make it to the ground! That there tree swayin' and leanin'… the cat jumpin' at 'em and roarin' for some soul food... while up therein them boughs it was like a hurricane. Jimmy fought as hard as he could but she chewed him over and over in her fear and frenzy, till, come morning Jimmy was ready for the Cat. Come to a choice between bein' devoured by that man-eating-passion-pussy in the tree and the man-eating lion beneath it, Jimmy was ready to fight it out, tooth and nail with the lion lyin' low! WHAT A NIGHT!

  1. Raped
  2. The Gonoreea
  3. Dodgin' Dick
  4. Motel
  5. Thunder-Rain-Sleet-Snow
  6. Ain't no Pimp
  7. Hune or Huly
  8. Jo-Jo Gun
  9. Chinese Detective
  10. I Can Taste It
  11. The party
  12. Ass Crabs
  13. Hair Around it
  14. Chin Nuts
  15. Mexican Next Door
  16. Bitin' Dick
  17. Take it in the ass

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