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It's high noon at a yet-to-be-named town in Arizona, inhabited by the most bad-ass cowboys of all times. This town was so segregated, they divided it right up the middle of the main street. The blacks strayed on one side and the whites stayed on the white side.

Sonny Hatchett describes in detail how the name of the town became established after a shootout between two of the town's meanest hombres. I'll be you didn't know that the name "Yuma" is only a half finished phrase which ol' "Dead-Eye" uttered to his opponent after losing the showdown. "Yu-ma...." was all he said.  Had he finished the entire phrase, we  believe Yuma, Arizona would have been called something else a little less obscene.

Sonny Hatchett, the sought after comedian runs from club to club, coast to coast. Ah, but he didn't escape the great laugh butterfly net, which we often employ when we find a rare variety of talent fluttering around on the loose.

So let loose yourself and listen carefully to "How Yuma got its name" and other tales of the "wild west".... the "wild east"... North and South, because it's a wild album in any direction!


  1. Yu-ma-ma
  2. Children
  3. How cum you cum
  4. The letter
  5. Delivery
  6. Chinese
  7. Uncle
  8. Tricky the vixen
  9. Meat
  10. Junkie Serenade
  11. Bartender
  12. Alimony song

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