About us / Faq

Cult Collectibles is a fan run company that focuses on producing collectible 'figures from the fringe'. Our interests lie in areas beyond the mainstream and our goal is to provide quality limited edition products which appeal to both fans and hardcore collectors. Started in early 2010, fans have been praising our "Weird Wobbler" bobblehead figures as some of the most detailed and collectible items out there!

THE BEYOND "Weird Wobbler", from the Lucio Fulci's horror film masterpiece of the same name is the first bobblehead figure in the world to include an alternate detachable/attachable face. Cult Collectibles continues to push the limits to provide the coolest toys on the planet!

Cult Collectibles is known for it's unique products, unlike anything created before, it's extreme attention to detail and outstanding customer service.

In early 2012, Cult Collectibles expanded to release a series of OLD SCHOOL COMEDY CLASSICS to CD and Digital Download, bringing back the raw, rude and raunchy party records of the past!



Q: Will you only be doing “bobbleheads”?
A: At this time, pushing the “bobblehead” format to the limit is the focus, but other products could be released if I find other formats interesting.

Q: Are you only planning on doing figures in small production numbers?
A: Being a collector myself, limited editions are what it is all about. While various factors are used to determine the number of units to produce for each figure, 1,000 units is a great place to start but there will certainly be figures with higher and unlimited production numbers. There are also several figures I hope to do limited to 250 pieces, which I would really be doing because I want one myself and hopefully there are 249 other people who will as well.

Q: Where can I purchase your products?
A: This website is the main place to purchase any of my figures. It’s likely you may see other online retailers and even “brick and mortar” stores stocking our products but if you want to make sure you get one, get it here! Don’t forget that our figures include exclusive trading cards ONLY available during the pre-order period at this site!

Q: How are payments processed?
A: All payments are securely processed through our merchant service provider.

Q: When am I charged for pre-orders and why do you offer them?
A: Since these items are limited and expected to sell out quickly, pre-orders give the hardcore collector a chance to be the first to receive their item once it's released. I also generally ship in the order of the orders and figures, meaning the earlier you order, the lower numbered figure you will receive. I also give a special trading card to all those who do pre-order as a additional collectible bonus for the support. Another great reason to offer pre-orders is so I can ship out stock right when it gets here, helping to alleviate the need for additional storage of items. You are charged for your order when you place it which secures your figure when it comes time to ship.

Q: Why can't I order in stock items and pre-order items at the same time?
A: It is possible to do this, but it will result in a delay. In stock items ship immediately, while pre-orders ship at a later date. Ordering in stock and pre-order items together means that you won't receive your order until the pre-order item is available to ship.

Q: How are orders shipped and what are shipping costs?
A: Orders within the US are shipped via the United States Postal Service with a email providing a delivery confirmation number upon shipping. All orders outside of the US are shipped airmail with email notification at the time of shipment. Orders are generally processed/shipped twice a week enabling for quick delivery.

Shipping charges are based on weight of the package, destination and cost of shipping materials, etc..

Of course I have no control of shipping prices and do the best I can to keep them as cheap as possible with the constant raise in rates this is very difficult and often times we lose a couple dollars on each shipment.

Q: What makes your figures so special?
A: Like I said, I am a collector and that means I want something that I can be proud to produce and proud to own as well. Great attention to detail and accuracy of the person/character/whatever is something that I strive for while also keeping in mind that this is a “bobblehead” so there is an area where “realism” and “caricature” collide and there’s also certain restrictions in detail based on the format and its small size. All the figures I produce are scrutinized thoroughly during the pre-production process by myself, the licensor(s) and a couple of trusted individuals to ensure that we are all happy with the prototype design before the figure is manufactured. All figures are hand numbered (if limited), housed in full color packaging and are produced with the highest of professional standards from top to bottom. I am not just throwing out the term “collectible” either… as great effort is being taken in every part of the process to make these items highly enjoyable and highly collectible so make sure you buy them all…

Q: What are the manufacturing details of your figures?
A: All figures are manufactured in China, made of lightweight polyresin and stand about 7 inches in height on a round or square base depending on the figure design. Every figure comes packaged in a full color box.

Q: What are some tips to protect and take care of my figure?
A: The best way to preserve your figure is to leave it in the box… but that’s no fun. Display it proudly and remember a few things:

-This isn’t a “toy” in the traditional sense; it’s a decorative piece and is intended for adults. Although the figure is rated for ages 12 and above, I would recommend keeping it out of reach of small children or anyone that wants to “bobble” it excessively. For the most hardcore collectors/preservationists, you may want to place a piece of foam or cotton balls inside the head to prevent it from moving.

-The figure is made from polyresin and is durable.. but not unbreakable, so again please keep away from small children. Dropping your figure could chip or even break it not to mention scratch the paint.

-Every figure is hand numbered / painted and due to this will have minor variances in the painting which helps to make each one unique. To keep the paint looking bright and vibrant it’s advised to keep out of direct sunlight and also out of areas of extreme heat.

-If you don’t have your figure inside a display case or cabinet, dust it regularly. It can also be cleaned with light soap and a moist cloth if needed but be sure to keep the harsh chemicals away.

-Here at Cult Collectibles, I tend to push things to the limit so some figures may include removable / additional parts. Use care when handling these pieces as they are fragile.

Q: The head came off!! What do I do?
A: Although rare it is possible for the glue on the spring to separate from the neck leaving the head detached from the body. No need to freak out. Just carefully put a little bit of super glue around the top of the neck (just enough so it isn’t dripping down, a little goes a long way), gently re-position the spring back onto the stub of the neck, allow a few minutes to dry and you will be as good as new.

Q: What is your refund / return policy?
A: Refunds are only offered if product is not available to ship. Returns are not accepted. In the event you receive a damaged or broken item, exchanges will be made for the same item only.

Q: What is your privacy policy?
A: Cult Collectibles does not share or sell any customer information with outside parties. It's pretty simple.

Q: I think Cult Collectibles is really cool! Is there anything that I can do to help spread the word?
A: There are several things that you can do to help the Cult Collectibles cause that will only take just a little bit of time:

- Join our facebook pages and suggest your friends do the same.
- Post or email photos of your figures to these pages so that myself and others can see them.
- Mentioning Cult Collectibles in your blog, website, podcast, magazine, Christmas list, etc. always helps.
- Pass out promotional cards at conventions, film screenings and similar events. Many of you have been doing this and I thank you so much! Contact me if you are interested.

Q: I run a horror blog/website/magazine so can you send me one for free?
A: Any interest in what is happening here is greatly appreciated but we are unable to supply “samples” or “promos” of our products. Due to the relatively small number of units produced, any and all “freebies” will be extremely limited to predetermined friends and media outlets, but please tell all your cyberfriends about us!

Q: Are you hiring?
A: Cult Collectibles is designed to basically be a "one man" operation that at times may utilize the help and support of others. If there are people out there who would like to possibly "donate" some graphic design, website work or something of a similar nature please get in touch.